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Moses Precision's Machine Shop is in Arab and Albertville Alabama

From development, fabrication, machining and welding and all processes in between, Moses Precision offers everything from start to finish. If you can dream it, we can build it!

Competitive Pricing

Our experience, skill and state of the art equipment allows us to provide you with the most competitive pricing available.

Custom Desigins
Emergency Response

Experienced and skilled machinists are always available to assist you in times of emergency breakdowns.

Custom Solutions

We take great pride in our ability to provide unique and custom design solutions specific to your company’s needs.

Moses Precision Tools

Moses Precision LLC

Providing precision machining, welding, consultation and manufacturing.
Our team has expertise in custom prototype work with high volume lean manufacturing processes.


Moses Precision LLC

Craftsmanship and State-of-the-Art Technology

Offering modern, cutting-edge CNC machine and turning equipment along with highly trained and experienced machinists. Our diverse collection of horizontal and vertical machining and turning centers allows creating custom solutions for each of our customers’ unique needs.

Moses Precision LLC
Moses Precision


From full-service reverse engineering to refurbishing a damaged part, Moses Precision has the capability and expertise to repair, rebuild, and re-manufacture complex assemblies, gearboxes, and components for a wide range of parts & components.

Our rigorous quality standards ensure that our work meets or exceeds the specifications of your original part giving you the dependability and reliability you need. 

From a handheld assembly to a multi-ton gearbox, we have the staff and equipment it takes to rebuild your parts & components quickly and get your machinery running so you can get back to business.

Comprehensive Remanufacturing

Using a new or used sample, we can reverse engineer a 3D Model & Drawing, then manufacture a brand new one. 


Get your business back in action with our repair services that get your parts & components in peak condition.


We’ll handle the assembly of your parts & components saving you time and money.


Our quality standards applied to your tools, we’ll test parts & components to ensure it’s optimal operation.


Keep your facility and parts & components looking and performing its best with our painting services.

Bearing Replacement

Moses Precision can handle any size job including bearing replacements with our repair and rebuild services.

Moses Precision CNC and Machining

Innovative Solutions

We track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across all of our operations giving us the data needed to improve our processes. 

Moses Precision CNC and Machining
Moses Precision LLC CAD

World Class Performance

Our team’s engineering professionals offer innovative solutions to the most complex machining specifications. Every staff member is training on Root Cause Analysis and Lean Manufacturing to give us the tools it takes to design and improve new machining processes, identify new manufacturing technologies, and support our lean and continuous improvement initiatives.
We continually strive for better ways to hold, handle, transport, and produce our customer’s parts.

Shorten Product Development Cycles

Reduce Price Per Unit

Improve Product Performance

Simplify Manufacturing Processes

Ensure precision replication

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Strengthen product’s market viability


Moses CNC Fixturing

Collaborative Turnkey Solutions

Moses Precision LLC has years of experience in custom fixture production. Our turnkey manufacturing services include the production of assembly fixtures for the automotive, heavy equipment and construction industries.

Our modern facilities are equipped to manufacture fixtures in all sizes from small jigs to large assemblies.

We also fabricate fixtures in both large and small quantities and maintain the highest standard of quality our customers expect from Moses Precision.

Our experienced, solutions-oriented team will identify your needs, collaborate with you on your design, and take your idea all the way to a finished product.

Moses CNC Fixturing


Moses CNC Grinding

Highly Trained & Experienced

Moses Precision LLC offers modern, cutting-edge CNC machining and turning equipment along with highly trained and experienced machinists.

Our diverse collection of horizontal and vertical machining and turning centers allows creating custom solutions for each of our customers’ unique needs.

Moses CNC Grinding


Moses Precision CNC and Machining

Advanced Testing & Inspection

We understand the issues of managing a never-ending list of suppliers.
By establishing strategic partnerships, Moses Precision can work with third-party vendors directly to help reduce costs and present full-service solutions that suit each of our customer’s individual needs.

Moses Precision CNC and Machining

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